Digitizing Rewards

Keeping Track Of Achievements
Encourage learning and motivate self enrichment in school, workspace & society.

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Rimo Romo

Our mission is to encourage creativity and resourcefulness from proactive individuals in order to create a proactive culture within our community.

Being proactive in our community

A proactive individual thinks ahead, acts ahead and gets ahead. Bosses, colleagues and customers all like and appreciate employees who are proactive.

Your Digital Vault


Gather these collectibles and exchange for goods or services with merchants who accept them. Hunt down your favourite digital animals, creatures or items. They are yours to keep or reward to people who deserve it. Even better, you may give it to your loved ones as a gift.


Award someone with rare Collectibles in recognition for their participation, hard work or continuous support. Check out Rimo Ability section to get more ideas. Make it even better by making these Collectibles into an achievement series. Let them show off their collections to friends.


Rimo Abilities

Helping to empower individuals in achieving endless possibilities.

Encourage Learning

Imparts a sense of achievement in your child. Motivate them towards better learning outcomes.

Motivate Employees

Give employees the feeling of being in control which taps into their intrinsic motivations.

Award Scholars

Motivating learners and offering recognition at different milestones create healthy competition.

Reward Customers

Everyone loves rewards. Most people will go out of their way to get their hands on a reward.

Sweet Moments

Make special moment memorable and let them keep it close to their hearts using a memento.

Help Communities

Make people feel like a part of a team or community working together towards a certain goal.

Surprise Someone

The best way to keep in touch: give amazement to someone by sending a great gift.

Mysterious Perks

Mystery creates intrigue, curiosity and enthusiasm. People will strive to unravel the mystery.

Self Achievment

Humans are competitive by nature. Most of us want to push ourselves further and harder.

Earn and enjoy your special Rimo Ranks

Participate in the following activities to level up your ranks.

Awesome Collectibles

Check out our launch series of Collectibles and start to experience the rewarding world of digital collections.

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Fantacy Universe

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Underwater World

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Animal Kingdom

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Botanical Garden

Want to see more collectibles ?

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